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Archaeological Background and Experience in the Antiques Field:

Alessandro Neri and Giacomo Gonella, Italian archaeologist after a few years how consultants of antiquity for many auction houses like ACR, MCAS, HVMC in this 2017 have decide to create a new experience.

Neri&Gonella Antiquity consultants want to offer a complete consultancy of art, from antiquity to post medieval. We want to inspire in our visitors an enthusiasm for collecting and curating items of historical interest.

We realize expertise with perfect comparisons, bibliography for understanting the guidelines of attributions. With us, the clients can value their items, of choose the best market to sell them, we can give suggestions for purchase and for sale. Between our serveces we do every month a list with the first five lots for quality/price in European Auctions. We don’t buy or sell items but we can manage the negotiations of important items.
Neri&Gonella is the company that every people can contact to understand the antiquity, beautiful of art. Anyone wants to know this incredible world. The antiquity can be easy to comprehend with us.

Alessandro Neri

alessandro_neriAlessandro Neri has studied at the University of Florence (Bachelor, Master and three-year Specialisation in Medieval Archaeology). With the Department of Archaeology of this university he collaborated on several projects carried out in Italy (especially in Tuscany; mostly concerning prehistory and the medieval period) and Jordan (at the Crusader Castle of Shawbak). He has mainly focused on ceramics studies, also developing quite innovative approaches to analysing and framing pottery from different excavations within the relevant projects.    

He currently collaborates on an archaeological research project at Torraccia (Florence), a Roman-Age villa, as supervisor of the team dealing with the pottery recovered from that site. For this work he is developing and implementing some methods which might turn out to be of some consequence generally for this area of study.

He started to work in the antiques and collectibles field in 2014 and he also managed a gallery of antiques and modern-art paintings in Berlin (Germany) for six months in 2016. Over these years he has then improved his skills not only in terms of gallery and auction management, but also in properly approaching and studying the antique object from the antiquarian´s (and not only from the archaeologist´s) perspective.   

Giacomo Gonella

Giacomo Gonella

Giacomo Gonella has studied at the University of Florence (Italy), where he took his degree in Medieval Archaeology, in England at the University of London (exchange year at Royal Holloway), in Norway at the University of Oslo (three-month scholarship), and in Hungary at the Central European University of Budapest (Master in Medieval Studies).

His area of study is the Migration Period/Early Middle Ages; however, he has also experience in the prehistoric field, especially through his collaboration with the University of Florence, with which he has also collaborated on the above-mentioned project at the Crusader Castle of Shawbak in Jordan.

He has joined for several years the team which is investigating the valley of Illegio (north of Udine, North-East Italy), mainly dealing with the pottery coming from the relevant archaeological sites, which span from Late Antiquity to the Early/High Middle Ages.

As appraiser of antiques, he started the collaboration with Alessandro Neri in 2015.

Hiba Qassar


Hiba Qassar holds a PhD. in museum studies from Florence University in collaboration with University College of London in Qatar, and a BA in archaeology from the University of Aleppo. Her thesis argues the potential of museums in the Middle East to facilitate social cohesion and the construction of a positive national identity through representing diversity. For almost ten years she worked with the archaeological team of Tell Mozan, under the supervision of Prof. Buccellati (UCLA). In 2014 she presented ‘Politics, Identity and the Role of Museums in the Middle East’ in the ICOM conference in St. Petersberg.  In the same year she presented ‘National Museums and National Identity in the Middle East: Inclusive or Exclusive spaces?’ in the “The Unpredicted Past-National Museums: Peace Brokers or Peace Breakers” conference organized by the New York University, Abu Dhabi. In 2016 she presented ‘Patrimonio a Rischio: Il caso di Tell Mozan’ in the “Conferenza Programmatica Archeologi Vicino Oriente (CPAVO), Florence.

Through her study and work for more than 10 years in the archaeological field Dr. Qassar specialized in the following periods: Bronze Age period in the Near East: starting from 3500 BC; Ottoman Period.