Egyptian Late Kingdom Coffin

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March 18, 2017
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March 1, 2018

Material and technique: Wood, gypsum, varnish

CoffinOrigin: Egypt


The artifact is the superior part of the top of a male sarcophagus of the Late Kingdom. The sarcophagus can be credited to a man, not only because of the presence of beard but most in virtue of the uncovered ears: women have them covered. The sarcophagus doesn’t have any writings, but only decorative motives representing the “Hosckh” and dressing, divided in different
registers, both pectoral and hips. This motives alternate intersecting coloured lines and bands with yellow pistil – white petal flowers.  Under this pectoral band is portrayed the goddess “NUT”, with wings and solar plate on her head. The colours of varnish are blue, red, green and yellow. On the shoulders is depicted the Hawk God “HORUS”, inserted as a protection. The antropomorph section represents the ideal and standard linesof a high rank deceased, with marked lines of egyptian makeup. The false beard is depicted as stranded and painted with a blue varnish, and the headgear is divided in blue and beige strips.

Dating 25-26° dynasty

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