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September 26, 2017
March 1, 2018

Prehistoric Cart

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Medium and Technique: clay; handmade Provenance: auction
State of Preservation: intact
Dating: 3rd-2nd millennium BCE

Description: This cart is composed of a chaise made out of a clay block. It is provided with two circular wheels, the edges of which are not precisely shaped, and is drawn by a two-headed animal. The figurine is idealised and stylised. The wooden elements have been added in recent times.

Interpretation: According to comparisons, one may ascribe this artefact to the area of the Middle East (especially Syria, but also Anatolia or Mesopotamia), and date it to the third and/or second millennium BCE.


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– Gerhard Hirsch Auction House, München, Auktion 270, February 15 and 16 2011
– Gorny & Mosch Auction House, München, Auktion. Kunst der Antike, June 23 2010


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